Love, Joy, Peace...

We are delighted to introduce Pastor Kangse Lee, a dedicated servant of our church who symbolizes unity, liberty, and charity.

Born in South Korea, Kangse comes from a third-generation Methodist family. He moved to the U.S. in 1990 for his studies and has served cross-cultural appointments in the California Nevada Conference and Northern Illinois Conference for 24 years. Alongside his wife, Maria, of 13 years, he celebrates the births of many in the church, embodying the true family of God.

Kangse is committed to bridging divisions among Christians, driven by his belief in unity, liberty, and charity. His vision is to restore unity in essentials within our United Methodist Church of Santa Cruz and beyond.

In his leisure time, Kangse enjoys fishing, kayaking, biking, and photography, activities that remind him of God's grace and the beauty of the world.

UMC of Santa Cruz
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