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Air Plant: A Tangible Reminder of Easter's Transformative Power

This Easter, every family received a gift symbolizing our shared message of hope and renewal—an Air Plant which invites us to reflect on the empty tomb, a symbol of life triumphing over death, and encourages us to find strength and sustenance in our faith, our community, and the endless love of the risen Christ.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated individuals who prepared these meaningful gifts. Their thoughtfulness and commitment have not only enriched our Easter celebration but have also woven a deeper sense of connection and purpose into the fabric of our community. As we care for these Air Plants, let them serve as a daily reminder of our journey towards renewal and growth, inspired by the transformative power of Easter. To everyone who played a part in bringing this vision to life, thank you.

Here is the Air Plant Care Guide: Tillandsia ionantha

WATER:  Water plants once or twice a week with misting as needed. Once every three or four weeks, completely submerge in water for 20 minutes. Then shake off excess water and dry upside-down until completely dry. Never leave air plants sitting in water for more than an hour - they will rot!

LIGHT:  Air plants require bright, indirect light every day which can be sunlight or consistent indoor lighting. A windowsill or bright room is ideal!

AIR:  Good air circulation is important for your air plants! No soil is required. Air plants prefer temperatures between 50-90°F.

DISPLAY: Showcase in a glass terrarium, hanging planter, driftwood branch or container, dish or simply alone.

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