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Here are some suggested questions to think about and discuss regarding the film "Past Lives":

  1. Character Reflections: How do Haesung and Nora’s reflections on their past impact their present lives and decisions? What do their interactions reveal about their characters?

  2. Themes of Regret and Opportunity: What role does regret play in the film? How do the characters deal with the opportunities they feel they missed?

  3. Concept of "What If": How does the theme of "what if" resonate with your own life experiences? Are there choices or paths in your life that you reflect on with similar questions?

  4. Cultural Differences: How do cultural backgrounds and expectations influence the characters' decisions and feelings? How might these elements differ if the story were set in a different cultural context?

  5. Emotional Honesty: How do the characters express or suppress their true feelings throughout the film? What impact does this have on their relationships?

  6. Reconciliation: In what ways do Haesung and Nora attempt to reconcile their past with their present? What lessons can we learn from their attempts to reconcile?

  7. Open Hearts: How does the film illustrate the concept of opening one’s heart? Can you think of moments in the film where a character’s openness or vulnerability led to a meaningful connection?

  8. Comparing Beliefs: How does the concept of past lives and reincarnation presented in the film contrast with the Christian understanding of one life followed by eternal life? How does this difference influence the characters' outlook on life and decisions?

  9. Forgiveness and Healing: How do themes of forgiveness and healing appear in the film? How do these themes relate to your own experiences of forgiveness and healing?

  10. Present vs. Future: How do the characters balance their reflections on the past with their hopes for the future? What can this teach us about living in the present moment?

  11. Film’s Message: What do you think is the overall message of "Past Lives"? How does it speak to you personally?

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